[F14S]: Hey Mike 06:58 06/30/37
[F14S]: You awake? 07:00 06/30/37
[F29S]: I am now. What’s up? 07:00 06/30/37
[F14S]: Sorry. Have you seen or heard from Young or Alisa since they were demoted? 07:01 06/30/37
[F29S]: Nope 07:02 06/30/37
[F29S]: I’m guessing they were sent to another team, maybe even another facility 07:02 06/30/37
[F29S]: The new recruitment mail went out today. Probably not a coincidence. Plus, their performance really wasn’t very good lately 07:02 06/30/37
[F14S]: I know… it’s just Alisa and I hung out quite a bit and she didn’t even say goodbye if she did have to leave 07:04 06/30/37
[F29S]: Hang on… check out her Prime chat status. It was just updated 2 hours ago 07:05 06/30/37
[F29S]: She seems kinda pissed. I guessed right they moved her 07:05 06/30/37
[F14S]: F1000/BØ612 where is that? 07:05 06/30/37
[F29S]: Damn. It’s a food processing plant in Russia 07:07 06/30/37
[F14S]: I hate this stupid company! They always do stuff like this!!!!! 07:07 06/30/37
[F14S]: MESSAGE DELETED 07:07 06/30/37
[F29S]: I wouldn’t bad-mouth the company on its own chat channel Shel. 07:08 06/30/37
[F14B]: Why? 07:08 06/30/37
[F14B]: It’s not like they care 07:08 06/30/37
[F29S]: Damn it. Shel. Look at your ID... 07:09 06/30/37
[F14B]: I gotta go 07:11 06/30/37
[F29S]: Shel? 19:11 06/30/37