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Killtype: Synthetic is a competitive, objective-based, first-person shooter with a focus on total loadout customization and team strategy. Players will combine weapons, equipment, and abilities to create unique character builds, dynamic team compositions, and often unexpected gameplay outcomes.

Killtype: Synthetic is developed by Headshot Labs and is targeting a beta release in 2017.


Leaked from Global Bionics employee orientation packet, January, 2037.

Today, Global Bionics is proud to welcome you to our team of research scientists. With your help, we'll not only design the coolest weapons the world has ever seen, but test them in exotic locations and a multitude of hostile environments. The non-disclosure agreements in front of you are necessary not only to preserve our intellectual property, but for the continuance of world peace .

After all, we wouldn't want any of our test footage to leak out to an unsuspecting, multinational viewing audience, now would we?