Killtype Synthetic


Killtype Synthetic is a competitive, objective-based, multiplayer first-person arena shooter with a focus on total loadout customization and team strategy. Players will combine weapons, equipment, and abilities to create unique character builds, dynamic team compositions, and often unexpected gameplay outcomes.

Perfect Combination Of

We are in a search of a perfect combination of FPS and MOBA genres and we believe that we can deliver a unique and refreshing experience to the fans of both.

Like any MOBA or hero shooter, KS will allow players to control characters with a wide variety of different abilities. The big difference here is that KS will not feature predefined heroes or champions. Players can compose their hero however they’d like with full control over the equipment items in their loadout. Guns, grenades, devices, upgrades to the character, they all are just different types of equipment, that player can put in any of the loadout slots. Every item will have a unique gameplay effect and function differently. Weapons will differ far beyond slight tweaks to fire-rate and bullet spread.

Usually, in traditional FPS games, winning a match isn’t as important to players as getting a large killcount, even in team game-modes. We are doing whatever we can to make team co-operation matter more in general. By a large variety of uniquely-acting equipment items and restricting the number of items that each player can bring to the match, players will need to work together to capitalize on the full potential that combining different item effects can yield. In addition to that, we are planning the main game mode to be extremely objective-rich.

We have reached a point where we realize that we are not able to complete the project, yet. If you like the idea and want this game to see daylight, show your support by signing up to our newsletter. We’ll let you know when we continue working on it.

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