An Exciting Announcement

November 14, 2016

There have been a couple exciting developments since our last update that will help to pave the way for the future of Headshot Labs and Killtype: Synthetic.

First, we secured a significant funding injection to grow Headshot Labs and ramp up development on Killtype: Synthetic. The investment comes from a fellow Estonian company, Klaasplast, and was arranged by our legal team, Lepmets & Nõges. Thanks so much to them both for their support and for sharing in our vision.

Second, the investment allowed us to lease a brand new office! The office will serve as a base of operations for the company and afford the team a dedicated work environment.

With the office nearly set up (we'll share some pics soon) and the team now well-established, we're happy to finally be able to put our full focus back on developing the game. We're very excited for the future!

The full content of our investment announcement is pasted below:


Funding will contribute to growth of the company and ongoing development of their upcoming game, Killtype: Synthetic

TALLINN, November 14, 2016 — Headshot Labs, an Estonia-based game developer, is proud to announce today that it has secured a significant investment from Klaasplast, a manufacturer of fiberglass products also based in Estonia, to support the ongoing development of their upcoming online first-person shooter Killtype: Synthetic.

Killtype: Synthetic is a competitive, objective-based, first-person shooter with a focus on total loadout customization and team strategy. Players will combine weapons, equipment, and abilities to create unique character builds, dynamic team compositions, and often unexpected gameplay outcomes. Headshot Labs is targeting a beta release of Killtype: Synthetic in 2017.

Klaasplast issued the following statement on the deal:

“Headshot Labs has assembled a talented global team with a wide range of experience and skills. We are confident in their company vision.”

The investment represents one of the largest in Estonia-based games development to date.

“We are very grateful to Klaasplast for their investment in Headshot Labs,” said Ingvar Lond, Headshot Labs company founder. “Our goals for Killtype: Synthetic are ambitious, but attainable, and Klaasplast's support will allow us to realize them. Their investment will support the ongoing growth of the company and our products, as we prepare to establish a base of operations in Tallinn, Estonia in the coming weeks.”

Ott Lepmets, attorney at law for Lepmets & Nõges, who provides legal counsel for Headshot Labs and helped to facilitate the deal added, “We are happy to support a world-class PC game being developed here in Estonia. Our team is dedicated to the growth of Headshot Labs and to raising public awareness around video game development in our great country.”

For more information about Killtype: Synthetic, please visit:

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